Leviticus 22:31 “So you shall keep My commandments, and do them; I am the LORD.

God’s desire is for His children to obey.  He laid out His law and He wants us to follow it.  We are not saved by obeying, but rather we are sanctified.  We grow in our faith and we grow closer to God.  Our salvation comes by faith and faith alone in Jesus.

The Bible says that is better to obey and than to make sacrifice.  The sacrifices in the Old Testament became rituals.  They were done more for appearance and not from the heart.  God desires our hearts.  When we obey Him from our heart it pleases Him.  When we do things for appearance sake, we do not do it from the heart.

Dear God, help me to obey You from heart.  Help me to walk closely to You and obey Your Words.  I desire to please You and follow You.  Amen.


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