Guard Your Way

Proverbs 22:5 Thorns and snares are in the way of the perverse; He who guards himself will be far from them.

Walking the Christian life is not easy.  There are thorns and snares to trip you up and to slow down the walk for others.  Satan and his minions want to take you down and cause you to fall.  Not only does it hurt you, but also those around you get hurt as well.  It hurts both other Christians and non Christians.  Getting caught in a snare can destroy our testimonies.  Snares are the sins which do not please God.  Thorns are false Christians, whom leads us away from God.  They look legit, but are not.  We must be careful and guard our way.

There is good news for those who fall.  God is their to life them up and help us on our way.  He can restore us to the right path.  He will guide us down the path, if we allow Him.  He will call out the dangers, if we listen.  God does not leaves us alone, He is a constant companion.  Jesus is the only one who made down the path without getting tripped up.  He knows the way, follow Him!

We cannot guard our way on our own.  We must trust God and seek Him constantly for guidance.  When we rely on ourselves we let our guard down (Because we start thinking I got this, nothing to worry about) and that is when we fall.  At least I know I do.  Arrogance is not a good defense, humility is.  For when we are humble, we are trusting in Him who is greater than us to get us through and He will.

Dear Jesus, I thank you that You help us down the path.  I thank you that You guard our way, if we allow it.  Forgive me for not always allowing it.  Help me to not be arrogant, but be humble.  Thank you for Your grace which picks me backup when I fall.  How amazing and wonderful Your grace is!  Thank you for being a faithful companion, who never leaves me.  Help me to follow You!  Amen.


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