What God Wants From You

Proverbs 21:3 To do righteousness and justice Is desired by the LORD more than sacrifice.

God does not like religion, especially all of the rituals of religion.  This does not please Him.  He is not pleased with in our repetitive customs.  There is not a magical formula that pleases God.  God does not like outward obedience. but instead He is pleased with inward obedience.  He desires us to do what is right, with the right attitude.  He desires our hearts to be right.  Religion is a set of acts, God desires a relationship with you and me.  All of the close relationships we have life, come from the heart.  It comes from caring and loving the other entity.  That is what God wants.

When David was caught in sin, with Solomon’s mother, he said the same thing as his son said in this verse.  David wanted to restore his heart relationship with God and he knew no rituals would accomplish this.  He knew God wanted a contrite heart, a heart that repented from the wrong.  David did that and was forgiven.  When we mess up God desire is not for us to pray more or go to church more (Not that those are not a good thing, they are), instead He desires us to be broken and to seek Him.  God wants to have a relationship with us and when that relationship is broken, He wants us to seek to restore that relationship.  God will forgive us if we ask.

God desires a relationship with you.  He wants a heart to heart relationship with you.

Dear God, help me to have a right heart with You.  Help me to have inward obedience and not just outward obedience.  You desire righteousness from me.  Help me to be righteous.  Amen


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