Proverbs 18:10,11

10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous runs into it and is safe. 11 A rich man’s wealth is his strong city, And like a high wall in his own imagination.

Where do you find your protection?  When everything seems to go wrong where do you run?  Where do you hide?  Where do you find your strength when you are weak?  Is it in God or this world?  Do you run to God or your wealth and possessions?  These verses say that the righteous person runs to God.  He is a strong tower, which will never be toppled or overthrown.  The worldly person runs and hides in man-made things, which will fail.  Many a city was said to be impenetrable, lay in ruins today.  What one man builds another can take or destroy.  Jesus said we should invest in His Kingdom, where no one will take or destroy.  Invest in the eternal not the temporal.

A rich man hides behind his wealth, a wealth that does not protect him as much as he thinks.  Money is fleeting, eternity is forever.  A rich man’s wealth will not get him into Heaven.  No wealth can buy your way in.  No good deeds can earn your way in.  Only faith in God and running to His Name, will get you in.  The protection of the strong tower is only available to those who believe and accept Jesus as their Savior.  Only citizens of Heaven can get in.  The only way to be a citizen of Heaven is to accept Jesus as Your Savior.  He is the only way.

Dear God, I thank you that Your Name is a strong tower.  I thank you that Your protection is available to all who believe in You.  Nothing is this world compares to You.  The riches of this world is fleeting, but Your name and love is eternal.  Help me to choose wisely and trust You for my protection.  Amen.


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