God Sees All

Proverbs 15:3 The eyes of the LORD are in every place, Watching the evil and the good.

There is no where on this earth we can go which God will not see us.  The people of Israel, during Ezekiel’s days, hid in the walls and worshiped their idols.  They thought they could hide, but the eyes of God saw them.  They were not doing it in secret, for God knew all about it.  The same is true for our secret sins.  God sees all of them.  It is not hidden from Him.  How foolish we are to think we are getting away with something.

The eyes of God not only see the evil we do, but they also see the good things.  Like when we help those in school being picked on by a bully.  Or we give some money and food to a homeless person.  Or when we befriend those who have no friends.  Or speak up for those who do not have a voice to do so for themselves.  God sees the good things that we do.

God sees all that we do, whether good or bad or indifferent.  All of our sins are before Him and yet He still loves us.  Jesus knew all of our sins, even before we were born, when He came to die for our sins, that we might be forgiven.  God loves us no matter what and desires all to come to Him.  Those who go to Hell, will not go there because God rejected them, but instead because they rejected God.  Please do not reject God!  Accept His free gift of forgiveness.  Your sins are not too bad to be forgiven.  Ask Him and He will forgive you.  Trust Him and He will save you from Hell.  Believe in Him and He will adopt you as His child and one day take you home to be with Him.

God knows all and He still loves you!

Dear God, I thank you for loving me, even though I am sinner.  I thank you for loving me so much that You sent Jesus to die for my sins.  I thank you for the free gift of salvation, because I could never earn it or pay for it.  You are my only hope to be saved from the eternal damnation I deserve.  Thank you for saving me.  Thank you for adopting me, to be Your child.  Come soon, Lord Jesus!  Amen.


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