Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

You want to be wise?  God gave all of us a desire to be wise and have understanding.  Nobody sets out to be a fool.  In our ways, we pursue wisdom.  The best starting point for our pursuit, is to fear God.  We find this term at least three different times in the Bible.  If you want to be wise and know about things in this world, start with knowing and fearing the Creator of all.  If God made it (and He made all things) then God knows all about it.  The best way for us to learn is to have a humble heart, knowing that God knows all and we do not.

Admitting we do not know everything is the first step in learning.  If we believe we are wise, then we are not teachable.  If you have ever tried to reason with know-it-all, then you know what I mean.  When you try to point out a simple fact to somebody who thinks they know everything, you get an argument from them.  They want to prove to you how smart they are.  Point out a simple fact to a humble man and they will consider it and think about it.

The last part of the verse says that understanding comes from knowing the Holy One.  The more we know God, the more we have the right perspective.  We see Him for who He is, the creator and sustainer of all and we see who we are.  It helps us to have a humble and teachable heart and mind.  God’s desire is for us to be wise and not fools, but He wants us to learn from Him.  He wants to teach us.  Go to God and ask Him to teach You.

Dear God, help me to humble before You.  Help me to know how wise You are and how not wise I am at times.  Lord, I need Your help to be wise.  Please be my teacher, Oh Wise One.  Show me Your ways and the vastness of Your wisdom.  Thank you for teaching me and training me.  Thank you that Your desire is for me to be wise and not a fool.  Help me God.  Amen.


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