God Knows Our Ways

Proverbs 5:21 For the ways of a man are before the eyes of the LORD, And He watches all his paths.

God knows our ways.  He knows all.  Everything which is done in secret, God knows.  God knows our motives, He knows why we do what we do.  He knows our secret plans and desires.  He knows what motivates us.  He sees the tears we cry.  He knows the pain we feel.  He knows the joy and happiness we have.  God knows all.

There is nothing hidden from God.  We can fool all the people and yet we can never fool God.  He knows when we wear plastic smiles, when we mask pain and hurt.  There is nothing about you, that God does not know.  He loves us that much.  When you love someone, you get to know them.  God loves us and knows all about us.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  Take comfort in the fact that God loves you.

Dear God, thank you for loving me and knowing me.  Thank you for caring for me.  Thank you for forgiving me.  Thank you for being who You are.  You are all knowing.  Nothing is hidden from You.  Nothing is kept from You.  Thank you for being You.  Amen.

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