God’s Salvation

Psalm 119:166,174
166 I hope for Your salvation, O LORD, And do Your commandments.
174 I long for Your salvation, O LORD, And Your law is my delight.

Today we finish up Psalm 119.  These two verses both focus on the salvation of God.  This Psalmist both put his hope in God’s salvation and he longs for it.  Hope is this case is not like wishing or desiring.  When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we cannot lose that salvation.  God does not look at you one day and decide that He will take back the gift of salvation.  God is not a  welcher.  He does not make promises which He does not keep.  When we accept the gift of salvation and God saves us from our sins, we are His and we are saved forever.  Getting back to hope then, in this case it is better defined as trusting.  He is saying that his only hope for salvation is from God.  For there is no other way to be saved from the eternal punishment we deserve.  Jesus’ sacrifice is the only way.

He also longs for God’s salvation.  I know I have times when I long for Jesus to return and take us home with Him.  I long for the day of His return.  I long for the day when I get to go home, to Heaven.  I long for the day when the troubles of this world will be gone, because we will be in Heaven with Him.  Paul said that there is crown, a reward for those in Heaven, for those who long for Jesus’ return (2 Timothy 4:8).  The day of His return is approaching.  He is coming back!

When we long and trust God for His salvation, we have a love for His law and we obey His law.  We are not saved by obeying.  We are saved by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8).  Obedience is not an ingredient in salvation, rather it is a result of it.  It is a way we grow spiritual fruit in our lives.  Obedience helps ripen our fruit and make it better.

How about you?  Can you honestly say that you have trusted Jesus as your savior and long for His return?  Has there ever been a day when you took the time to ask for His salvation?  To confess that you are a sinner and that Jesus is the only way for you to find forgiveness?  If you have not been saved by Jesus, then I have bad news.  You should not long for His return, because His return will bring judgment upon you.  Those not saved, will go to hell and face eternal torment.  Hell is not a party place.  It will not be fun.  I urge you to call out to Jesus right now and tell Him that you are a sinner in need of forgiveness.  Trust in His free gift of salvation.  Ask Him to save you by His grace and believe, by faith, that He will.  As I said before, Jesus is the only way for you to go to Heaven and not Hell.  Choose for yourself this day, will you trust in Him and long for His salvation or will you continue down the wrong path?  Choose wisely.  Choose Jesus!

Dear Jesus, I thank you for Your free gift of salvation.  I am not worthy of it or of You, Oh Lord.  You are my only hope, I long for You.  Your word is clear.  You are the only hope we have.  For there is salvation by no one else, but You.  Please help anyone reading this who is not saved, to choose wisely today.  Fill their heart with a desire for You and a love for You.  Thank you for pursuing us first.  What a great God You are!  Amen.

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