Size Not Important

Psalm 119:141 I am small and despised, Yet I do not forget Your precepts

Size does not matter.  Not matter if you are big or small, following God is for you.  It does not take a big person in stature to be a big person in faith.  In fact Jesus said we must have faith like a child, if we are to go to Heaven.  He commends the faith of a child.  God calls us to follow Him, not matter what size we are or how popular we are.

Many think people like Billy Graham will be great in Heaven, for all that He has done on earth.  I am sure he will, but so will the woman, whom you never hear about, who faithfully serves God in her small church.  Or how about the man who picks up those who cannot drive themselves, to take them to church.  Or how about the woman who faithfully changes diapers in the church nursery.  Or the couple, who forgoes all comfort to go live in a jungle, in order to tell those people about Jesus.  Their public stature has no bearing how God will respond to them for faithfully following Him.  We cannot all be world know evangelists, but we can faithfully serve God where He has us.  We can work for His glory, where ever we are.

Our physical size does not matter.  Our age does not matter.  What others think of us does not matter.  Only faithfully following God’s law is what matters!  Do not let anything stop you from doing that.

Dear God, thank you that how well known we are does not impress You.  What does is how we observe Your precepts.  Nothing else matters.  Please Lord, let nothing stop me from worshiping You.  Let nothing stop me from serving You.  Let nothing stop me from seeking Your glory.  Help me to live in such a way that sinners praise You.  I cannot do that on my own, only by Your grace and strength.  May my live be about You and not me.  Amen.


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