Examine Yourself

Psalm 119:59 I considered my ways And turned my feet to Your testimonies.

As we read the Bible everyday, we need to examine our lives  and compare it to what the passages say.  As the verse says, we need to consider our ways and make sure how we are living life is matching up to how God wants us to live it.  The Bible becomes a mirror so that we can see how we are doing.  Just as mirror shows us a dirty face or some hair sticking up, the Bible reveals our flaws.  Then we use it as we try and wash our face and comb our hair, to make sure we are doing a good job at it.

The Holy Spirit uses God’s Word to convict us of anything we are doing wrong.  God’s Word tells us the right way we should be living.  It is a guide for our lives.  Here’s another analogy that I think works.  The Bible is like a map.  As we examine. at a map we can tell if we are off course or not.  The Bible does the same thing.  It helps us to correct our course, if we wonder a little.

Spend time reading, contemplating, and praying through God’s Word.  God will use it as an examination in your life.  Then apply any changes you need to make.

Dear God, I thank you for Your Word.  It is Holy and true.  There is nothing false about it.  It is a guide for us, as we live our lives.  Help me to examine my life as I read it.  Help me to make the changes I need to.  Help me cling to Your promises in it.  And please help me to fall even more in love with You!  Amen.


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