Psalm 119:37 Turn away my eyes from looking at vanity, And revive me in Your ways.

Turn my eyes away from looking at useless things.  How many of us have that problem?  I know I do.  Useless things does not have to be something vile.  It could be just watching the TV or playing solitaire on your phone or computer.  How much time do we as Americans waste on this?  God has more important things for us to do and look at.  We need not waste our time, but instead we need to use it wisely.

God praises the hard working not the lazy.  We need to be doing God’s work, not playing a game on the computer.  (Again, I am totally guilty of this.  This lecture is for me.  If you, as the reader, get anything out of it great!)  There is nothing wrong with doing this every once in a while, but I think we get too easily addicted to looking at vain things.  Things in the end that do not matter.  What matters for eternity, what really matters, is doing the work of God.  Playing games and watching TV will not advance His Kingdom.  Learning about Him and doing His work will!

Dear Jesus, help me to stop wasting my time on vain things.  Help me to prioritize my life in the way that You get the best of it.  There are some many vain things in this world, but You, Oh God, are pure and Holy.  You are worth my time.  Your kingdom is worth my time.  Help me to invest my time wisely.  Amen.


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