Treasure God’s Word

Psalm 119:11 Your word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You.

We have arrived to Psalm 119.  It is by far the longest chapter of the Bible.  The main theme of this chapter is God’s Word and how good and useful it is.  We will be going through this chapter for a while.

Today we focus on treasuring God’s Word.  Sometimes I think we forget how valuable God’s Word is.  It is a treasured jewel, that we should hunt through looking for treasure.  If it actually told how to find real treasures, people would go through it with fine tooth comb.  What is in there is even more valuable.  It worth more than money.  We do not take money with us to eternity, but this treasure travels well with us.  We need to study God’s Word and find all of the treasures of wisdom we can.

When we value God’s Word in our heart and it will help us live a more obedient life.  It is when we stop focusing so much on it, that we fall away at times.  We need to read it.  We need to memorize it.  We need to chew on it through out the day, being consumed by it.  To me that is what means to treasure God’s Word.  My challenge to you and me today is to take time to value and treasure His Word.  Find a passage of scripture and work on memorizing it.  Chew on it through out the day.  Let us start doing it together!

Dear God, help me to treasure Your Word.  Help me to value it above all the clutter in this world.  Help me to focus on You and Your Word.  It is more valuable than any money in this world.  Thank you for sharing it and making it available to us.  Help us not to take our access to it for granite.  You are amazing God!  Amen.


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