God is Gracious and Compassionate

Psalm 116:5 Gracious is the LORD, and righteous; Yes, our God is compassionate.

Many people see God as a cold, uncaring, unloving being.  They think He is not involved and uninterested in their lives.  That He enjoys tormenting people and seeing good people suffer.  This could not be further from the truth.  Our God is a good God.  He is very patient with us and loves us so much.  He wishes all to turn from their evil ways and turn toward Him.  The people would respond to this point by saying, if God loved people and wished all would turn to Him and if He is all powerful, then why does not just automatically save all people?  God does not force us to love Him.  He could if wanted to, but He wants us to choose to love Him.  We have a choice whether we accept His grace and forgiveness or to reject it.

God is compassionate and gracious.  He would be just to destroy us when we sin, but His love and grace lets us have forgiveness.  He shows us mercy, even though we do not deserve it.  The ultimate example of this is Jesus dying for our sins.  Because of God’s grace and compassion for us, He sent His one and only Son to take our punishment for us.

Another example is the story of the prophet Jonah.  God sent Him to Nineveh, to proclaim one last chance to repent or judgement would come.  Jonah knew God was a God of grace and compassion and he did not like nor love the people of Nineveh, so he boarded a boat going the other way.  God caused a storm to come up and toss the boat about.  Jonah told the crew that if they wanted to live, they needed to throw him overboard, which they did.  God directed a big fish to swallow Jonah and bring him back in the right direction.  He was in the belly of the fish for 3 days and repented of what he did.  God made the fish vomit him unto the dry land and Jonah got up and went to Nineveh.  He told the people judgement was coming and that they needed to repent or else.  The people, from the king on up repented and God relented.  Look at great lengths God went to, to save the people of Nineveh.  He loved them, even though they had never done anything to worship Him.  He pursued a relationship with them and He pursues a relationship with us.  What a great example of God’s love and compassion.  There are other stories through out the Bible that show this as well.

Dear God, I thank you that You are a compassionate God. a gracious God.  You loved us, even before You made us in our mother’s womb.  Your grace is so amazing and wonderful.  Thank you for pursuing me and wanting to have a loving relationship with me.  You are a great, great God.  Help to worship You only.  Help me to clean up any garbage in my life and repent from it.  Amen.


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