The Paradox of Free

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Everyone wants something for free.  There are websites dedicated to finding free stuff (I know because I sometimes visit them).  Some people think people should be able to go to college for free.  Some people want healthcare for free.  Others boast they are free based on what country they live in.  Everyone wants something for free.  The question is though, what exactly is free?  Is free really free?

I believe the word free is a paradox.  We all can easily define free as “getting something without paying for it.”  Here is where the paradox exists.  Nothing is free.  Somebody paid for it.  Like if you go to a grocery store and get a free food sample, it may be free to you, but it cost the store or manufacturer to provide it.  Or you think you have freedom because you were born in America, but a lot of blood was shed by valiant warriors and they paid the cost for the freedom we enjoy.  Nothing is free, everything has a cost.

This is also true of free gift of Salvation which is offered by God.  The gift is free for us to accept, but Jesus paid a steep price for it.  He was tortured and pierced, His blood flowed out of His beaten body.  He took our punishment.  He paid the price of our ransom.  We can be free from the bondage of sin, because of the price He paid.  We can be free from the eternal punishment we deserve, because of the price He paid.  Our freedom was not free, Jesus paid the price.  Let us not forget that, nor take that gift lightly.

Dear Jesus, I thank you for Your free gift of salvation.  Help me to remember this truly was not free.  You paid the price.  And it was a costly price.  Help me not to take this forgiveness lightly.  How insulting to You when I do.  Forgive me of those times.    You are so amazing! Amen 


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