The Secret to the Good Life

Psalm 112:1 Praise the LORD! How blessed is the man who fears the LORD, Who greatly delights in His commandments.

You want to know the secret to having a good life?  Many seek it, but not many figure it out.  This verse tells us what is it.  We need to fear the Lord and delight in His commandments.  That is the secret.  Both will lead us through the minefield of life.  They will help us stay on the straight and narrow.

To fear God, means to have great respect for Him, so much so, that you never want to disappoint Him.  It also means to live in wander of His greatness and to be afraid of what He can do to those who reject Him.  We are told else where, as we saw the other day, that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  It means seeing God for who He is and be humble about who we are.

We are to delight in His commandments.  That means we are to love His law and His way for us to do things.  God’s way is best.  He knows the best way for us to go.  When we do things our own way, we only screw things up.  God knows the way.  God knows the plan.  Trust Him and His way.  Follow His way with a great enthusiasm.  No matter what bad things come your way, if you are doing life God’s way, you will have joy.  God’s way will build a strong foundation for our lives.

The secret to the good life is to fear God, by humbly respected who He is, and to delight in following His way.   If we do these things we will live the good life!

Dear God, You are so amazing.  Your ways are much higher than my ways.  Help me to follow Your law with a great enthusiasm.  Help me to delight in them and follow them.  When I try and do life in my own way, I only screw things up.  Help me to be humble and do things Your way, the right way.  Amen.

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