Our High Priest

Psalm 110:4 The LORD has sworn and will not change His mind, “You are a priest forever According to the order of Melchizedek.”

We all know Jesus is our King.  We so look forward to the day where He reigns on earth.  What a glorious day that will be!  Did you know, that He is also our great High Priest?  The High Priest in Israel was responsible for interceding for the people, by prayer and sacrifice.  Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us, by laying down His life on the cross.  No other sacrifice is needed for us to be forgiven of our sins.

Jesus also intercedes for us.  We are told in the Bible that Jesus is at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us.  No one else in Heaven does this but Him.  On earth, the spirit intercedes for us as well(see Romans 8 for this).  Human priests had to go through all of the rituals of purification in order to go into the Holy of Holies.  Since Jesus is perfect and never sins, He can be constantly at the side of the Father.  The work of the earthly priests would bring temporary forgiveness for the people, but the work of Jesus bring eternal forgiveness for us.

You might ask who Melchizedek is?  He was the priest at Salem (now called Jerusalem).  He came out and met Abraham, after Abraham pursued the army of those who had defeated Sodom and Gomorrah, among who Abraham’s nephew Lot lived.  Abraham caught up to them and defeated them.  He brought the captured people and possessions back with him.  Melchizedek came out and Abraham gave him a tenth of the spoils as a gift to God.  Melchizedek was not a Jew, for Jews did not exist yet, so he was not a part of the line of Aaron, the High Priests in Israel.  Nor was Jesus.  He came from the tribe of Judah, not Levi.  God said through Moses that only the line of Aaron would be priests.  Hebrews 5 and Hebrews 7, talks all about this.

Do you know Jesus as your King and High Priest?  Not everyone is forgiven.  That is not to say that God has only chosen a few people to save, but instead He gives us a choice.  Jesus did all the work.  He came and lived a perfect life and then laid that life down as a sacrifice acceptable to the Father.  He took our place in the punishment that we might be forgiven and not have to be punished.  Now the choice is ours to make.  We need to choose to ask God to forgive us and save us.  If we do not confess our sins and accept Jesus as our only hope of forgiveness, we will not be forgiven.  How foolish.  Do Not be a fool.  If you have not done so call out to Him.  Tell Him, what He already knows, that you are a sinner and need to be forgiven.  Ask Him to save you and be your Savior and your King and High Priest.  Do not be fool, make the wise choice today!

Dear Jesus, I thank you that You are both my King and my High Priest.  I thank you that You at the right hand of God the Father, interceding for me and others.  I do not deserve this Lord.  Just like I do not deserve to be forgiven.  I thank you for sacrificing Your life and paying the price that I might be forgiven.  It is all about You and not about me.  You are so amazing and wonderful!  There is no one like You.  Amen.

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