Psalm 119:113 I hate those who are double-minded, But I love Your law

The Psalmist has no use for wishy-washy people.  They are people who cannot decide whether to do what is right or to do what is wrong.  They are double minded, trying to appease both sides.  Jesus talked about these lukewarm people in Revelation 3.  He said he wishes they were either hot or cold, but the lukewarm He just wants to spit out of His mouth.  These people stand for nothing and fall for everything.  Take a stand and know what you stand for.

The Psalmist does not want to be wishy-washy person.  He just loves God’s law.  He is sold out and willing to follow it any cost.  His treasure is in following God, not anything of this world.  He is a man of integrity.  Nothing will move him from fully following God.  He is on fire for God.

What about you?  Are you sold out, on fire for God and His law?  Or are you lukewarm?  I too often find myself on the lukewarm side.  God wants us to be sold out for Him.  To follow Him, no matter what.  Let us strive for that and follow Him at all costs.

Dear God, help me to be on fire for You.  Help me to follow Your law no matter what.  Help me not to be lukewarm.  Thank you for Your patience with me.  Thank you for Your marvelous law, which guides us in life.  You are so amazing.  Your law is perfect, as You are.  Amen.


A Light

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.

God’s Word lights out as we go.  Like a headlight, it shines out illuminating the road we are on.  It shows us the pot holes of life, so that we can adjust how we are going to not hit them.  It shows us the curves so that we know when to turn and when to go straight.  It shows us road signs so that we know how fast to go and be warned of what lies ahead.  During the dark, hard times, it is a beacon leading us.  When we learn to trust the light, it shows us which path is correct.

Jesus is our light.  He lights our world.  He brings light to the darkness, exposing the dark areas of our lives.  He gives us hope, like a city on a hill.  Jesus, lights us on a fire like a candle, so we can be lights to those around us who are in the dark.  We are His representatives to those people in this world who do not know Him.  Be careful not to dim this light, but instead let it burn brightly.  God has us here for a reason, to share the good news about Him.  We have so many people in our lives that need this good news.  Share the light with them!

Dear God, I thank you for lighting my path.  For showing me where to walk down the path of life, to not hit the potholes.  I thank you for sending Your Son, Jesus, to be the light of the world.  Help me to share this light with others.  This is a dark world, desperately needing the light you offer.  Help me to illuminate for You.  Amen. 

Revive Me

Psalm 119:88 Revive me according to Your lovingkindness, So that I may keep the testimony of Your mouth.

We all need God to revive us, to give us a new vigor for serving Him and following His way.  God needs to breath new life and strength into our walk.  All of the great revivals we have had in this country started with a few people renewing their walk with God.  Like a fire their commitment burn wildly in a dry area.  It consumed all who it came upon and spread quickly.  It said of a rival in Welsh, that the working mules did not understand the workers any more, because their filthy language was gone.  God had totally changed them really quickly.

It is by God’s lovingkindness that we are revived.  Only by the grace of God is it possible.  The same is true of keeping God’s laws.  Our sinful nature goes against the nature God wants for us.  It leads us to sin and death, but God wants us to have a nature of Holiness and life.  We need God to work in our lives to lead us to follow Him.  His Spirit lives in us, convicting us and guiding us.  It is a battle from within and daily we need God’s help.  He, because of His lovingkindness, will revive us each day to live for Him.  We must just choose to follow Him.  Jesus described this well.  He said we must daily deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow Him (Matthew 16:24).  Daily we must lay down our sinful desires and pick up Godly desires.  It is daily fight.

Thank you, Oh God, for showing lovingkindness to me.  I do not deserve it.  I deserve eternal punishment for my sins, but You saved me.  You pursued me and guided me to You.  You came and paid the price for my sin on the cross.  Lord Jesus, help to become less of me and more of You.  As John said “He must increase and I must decrease”.  Revive me, Oh God, that I may follow You.  Grow my trust in You and help me to deny myself and follow You.  It is all about You Jesus, not about me.  Amen.

Our Creator

Psalm 119:73 Your hands made me and fashioned me; Give me understanding, that I may learn Your commandments.

It was God who created us.  He shaped and formed us in our mother’s womb.  Every part of you was fashioned by Him.  Every part of you in the right spot.  We owe our live to God.  Nothing would live without Him.  He is our creator.

Therefore, the Psalmist calls out to Him, so that He can have understanding of God’s commandments as he learns them.  If God created our physical bodies, then He also created our intellect and that means He can enable us to learn His ways.  God is more than just our creator.  He sustains us and provides for us.  He walks with us and teaches us about His creation.  He does not leave us alone, but instead chooses to involve Himself in our lives.

Have you noticed that it is all about God?  He made us.  He formed us.  He gives us understanding.  He helps us learn.  He gave us His commandments.  He provides for us.  He takes care of us.  He sent His Son to die for our sins, after we rebelled against Him.  He forgives all of our sins and adopts as children of God, when we accept Jesus as our Savior.  It is all about Him!  Praise and worship Him today!

Oh God, my Creator, my Sustainer, My Savior!  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for dying for me.  Thank you for saving me.  It is all about You, Oh Lord.  Help me to remember that and not make it about me.  Help me to take my eyes off of myself and my problems and to look to You.  You alone are God.  How great you are!  Thank you for creating me and not leaving me alone to figure things out.  But You, walk with me and guide me through life.  There is no on like You, Oh God!  You are amazing.  You are Holy.  You are worthy of my worship and praise.  Amen.

Examine Yourself

Psalm 119:59 I considered my ways And turned my feet to Your testimonies.

As we read the Bible everyday, we need to examine our lives  and compare it to what the passages say.  As the verse says, we need to consider our ways and make sure how we are living life is matching up to how God wants us to live it.  The Bible becomes a mirror so that we can see how we are doing.  Just as mirror shows us a dirty face or some hair sticking up, the Bible reveals our flaws.  Then we use it as we try and wash our face and comb our hair, to make sure we are doing a good job at it.

The Holy Spirit uses God’s Word to convict us of anything we are doing wrong.  God’s Word tells us the right way we should be living.  It is a guide for our lives.  Here’s another analogy that I think works.  The Bible is like a map.  As we examine. at a map we can tell if we are off course or not.  The Bible does the same thing.  It helps us to correct our course, if we wonder a little.

Spend time reading, contemplating, and praying through God’s Word.  God will use it as an examination in your life.  Then apply any changes you need to make.

Dear God, I thank you for Your Word.  It is Holy and true.  There is nothing false about it.  It is a guide for us, as we live our lives.  Help me to examine my life as I read it.  Help me to make the changes I need to.  Help me cling to Your promises in it.  And please help me to fall even more in love with You!  Amen.


Psalm 119:37 Turn away my eyes from looking at vanity, And revive me in Your ways.

Turn my eyes away from looking at useless things.  How many of us have that problem?  I know I do.  Useless things does not have to be something vile.  It could be just watching the TV or playing solitaire on your phone or computer.  How much time do we as Americans waste on this?  God has more important things for us to do and look at.  We need not waste our time, but instead we need to use it wisely.

God praises the hard working not the lazy.  We need to be doing God’s work, not playing a game on the computer.  (Again, I am totally guilty of this.  This lecture is for me.  If you, as the reader, get anything out of it great!)  There is nothing wrong with doing this every once in a while, but I think we get too easily addicted to looking at vain things.  Things in the end that do not matter.  What matters for eternity, what really matters, is doing the work of God.  Playing games and watching TV will not advance His Kingdom.  Learning about Him and doing His work will!

Dear Jesus, help me to stop wasting my time on vain things.  Help me to prioritize my life in the way that You get the best of it.  There are some many vain things in this world, but You, Oh God, are pure and Holy.  You are worth my time.  Your kingdom is worth my time.  Help me to invest my time wisely.  Amen.

This World is Not Our Home

Psalm 119:19 I am a stranger in the earth; Do not hide Your commandments from me.

This world is not the home to Christians.  We are strangers, pilgrims just passing through.  When you are close to home, you know the way around.  You do need a guide to lead you around.  However, when you go to a place you are not familiar with, you need some help to get around.  Since this world is not our home we need God’s help to lead us around.

That is what we find in God’s Word.  It is a road map to guide us through life.  It helps us find our way in this dark world.  There a lot of traps and snares here, things that will affect our walk with God.  The devil wants to interrupt our walk down God’s path.  He wants to divert us from growing close to God.  By reading the Bible, we find direction as we go.  God has not left us alone.  He left His Word as a guide for us.

Dear God, thank you for Your Word.  It is a road map for my journey of life.  It gives a direction for us to go and leads us through life’s hard choices.  You have not left us alone.  Help me to trust Your Word for guidance.  Help to me be humble, to submit to its direction.  This world is not our home.  Our home is with You in Heaven.  Protect me from this wevil world.  Amen.

Our Father

My 5 year old daughter had a Kindergarten program last night.  All of us parents and family members dropped off our kid and went and waited in the gym for them to come perform for us.  The place was packed, all the chairs were taken and a lot of people were standing.  We were all waiting for the kids to come in.  Finally the moment arrived and all of the kids starting marching in.  The parents were straining and twisting trying to see their kid.  Some started to get up and go down the aisle to get pictures.  They really wanted to see their child and get a good picture of them.  I was also excited to see my daughter and it was a very proud moment when I saw her at last (The kids were lined up by height and my daughter being short was near the end).

While I was waiting, my thoughts turned to a different Father, our Heavenly One.  I thought to myself, what if all the people were marching in and God was waiting to see us.  How many people their would He be their straining and twisting to see?  How many would He be proud to see?  As politically incorrect as it might be (but it is Biblically correct), God is not the Father of everyone.  In fact He is not the Father of the majority of people.  He is only our Father when we accept Jesus, His Son, as our Savior.  It is at the moment we are adopted into the family of God and our identity changes as we become a child of God.

It saddens me to think of all the people going through life that miss having God as their Father.  What about you?  Do you know for sure if God is your Father?  God’s Word tells us in Romans 10:9 that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.  Have you done that yet?  Have you confessed to God that you are a sinner in need of saving?  Have you cried out to Him asking Him to save you and accepted Jesus as your Savior?  If not, I urge you to do so today.

Treasure God’s Word

Psalm 119:11 Your word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You.

We have arrived to Psalm 119.  It is by far the longest chapter of the Bible.  The main theme of this chapter is God’s Word and how good and useful it is.  We will be going through this chapter for a while.

Today we focus on treasuring God’s Word.  Sometimes I think we forget how valuable God’s Word is.  It is a treasured jewel, that we should hunt through looking for treasure.  If it actually told how to find real treasures, people would go through it with fine tooth comb.  What is in there is even more valuable.  It worth more than money.  We do not take money with us to eternity, but this treasure travels well with us.  We need to study God’s Word and find all of the treasures of wisdom we can.

When we value God’s Word in our heart and it will help us live a more obedient life.  It is when we stop focusing so much on it, that we fall away at times.  We need to read it.  We need to memorize it.  We need to chew on it through out the day, being consumed by it.  To me that is what means to treasure God’s Word.  My challenge to you and me today is to take time to value and treasure His Word.  Find a passage of scripture and work on memorizing it.  Chew on it through out the day.  Let us start doing it together!

Dear God, help me to treasure Your Word.  Help me to value it above all the clutter in this world.  Help me to focus on You and Your Word.  It is more valuable than any money in this world.  Thank you for sharing it and making it available to us.  Help us not to take our access to it for granite.  You are amazing God!  Amen.

This Day

Psalm 118:24 This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Today is the only day like it ever.  There will never be a repeat of it in the future.  God has given us these 24 hours, in this day, to enjoy.  Do not waste an hour.  Each hour is precious and unique.  This is the day that He has made.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow.  Live for Him fully today.  Rejoice in Him and be glad.

We only have so long to live.  Our lives are brief and fly by.  The clock is ticking on our lives, some have longer than others.  Some do not have as much time as they think.  We need to maximize each moment.  Spend time with God.  Spend time with your family talking about God.  Encourage others and build them up.  Tell those who are lost about Jesus.  Today needs to be their day for salvation.  Our time is short, we need to live our lives with urgency and desperation.  I have wasted too much of my life not doing this.  Now is the time to obey God’s command.  This is the day for us to start.  Rejoice in Him and be glad!  Go seize this day and live it to the fullest for God!

Dear God, forgive me wasting so much of my life not living for You and not rejoicing.  Help me get my butt in gear to live for You.  To live a life of urgency.  To live a life of obedience.  To live a life filled with joy.  To live a life glorifying You.  I cannot do this on my own, but I need You.  Help me to be the man You want me to be.  Amen.