Hear my prayer

Psalm 102:1,17
1 Hear my prayer, O LORD! And let my cry for help come to You. … 17 He has regarded the prayer of the destitute And has not despised their prayer.

As this Psalm begins, the Psalmist is crying out to God to hear his prayer.  He feels that God is far off, during this hard time he is going through.  He was really struggling with something.  Things were not good and worst of all it seemed like God was not answering him.  Have you been there?  Have you had times where nothing seemed to go right and God seemed distant and not willing to help?  I think we have all had times to some degree where we experienced something like this.

The first eleven verses we hear how bad it is for the Psalmist.  His body is wasting away.  He has nothing to eat and tears are mixing in with his drink.  But then something changes in between verse 11 and verse 12.  Starting with verse 12, he starts remembering who God is and he starts worshiping God.  He is filled with hope, because of God’s goodness and promises He has made.  By the time we get to verse 17, the Psalmist says that God has heard his prayer and not despised it.

It is amazing how are perspective can change when we take our eyes off of ourselves and put them on God.  We stop saying ‘woe is me’ and starting saying ‘wow God’.  We have no hope in ourselves, our hope comes from God.  God is there for us, even when we do not think He is close.  In those dark times, He is as close as He always is.  Do not lose heart.  Do not stop trusting Him.  Keep on obeying Him.  Keep on worshiping Him.  Keep on trusting Him.  Keep on praying to Him.  For He hears our prayers.

Dear God, I thank you that You hear our prayers.  I thank you that You never leave us nor forsake us.  I thank you that You are close, even during the times You seem far away.  Help me to keep trusting in You.  Help me to keep seeking You.  I life up those who are struggling right now.  Be with them Oh God.  Help them to know who You are and that You love them and will not leave them.  Amen.


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