Hate Evil

Psalm 97:10 Hate evil, you who love the LORD, Who preserves the souls of His godly ones; He delivers them from the hand of the wicked.

Do you hate what is evil?  The easy answer is of course, but do we really detest evil.  We as a nation, turn a blind eye to evil things in the name of tolerance.  We slowly accept things and watch things that God would say was evil.  I know I am guilty of it.  As we accept and tolerate more things we slowly slide down the slippery rock.

Why do we tolerate evil?  I think it is because we do not want people to think we are mean and hateful.  Look at what is on TV.  Slowly any type of standards have slipped.  Swearing is a norm.  As is sexual relationships between unmarried people.  Most of watch shows with things like this.  We of course disapprove, but we keep watching.  Why?  Because we want the world to like us.  We need to worry more about what God thinks of us, than the world.  God hates sin and so should we.  The sin, but not the sinner.  It is time to apply God’s standards to things, not the worlds.

Dear God, help me to hate evil, the things which are detestable to You.  Help me to repent and turn from them in my own life.  Help me to get my log out, so I can see the speck in somebody else’s.  Thank you for Your grace, which give me.  Thanks for having patience with me.  Amen.


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