Count the cost

Luke 14:33 “So then, none of you can be My disciple who does not give up all his own possessions.

I just finished watching the movie, “God’s Not Dead 2“.  First the commercials.  If you have not seen it, watch it.  It is really good and really makes you think.  There is a lot of good apologetics in it.  It features testimony by Lee Strobel  and J. Warner Wallace, both of whom set out as unbelievers intending to disprove Christianity and both came to faith after studying up on it.  Both wrote some really good apologetic books.  If you have not seen it, Pure Flix has it, and you can get a free trial with them.  My wife and I have really enjoyed watching movies on there.  Enough of the commercials…

Jesus tells us in Luke 14 that there is a cost to follow Him.  If you want to be His disciple, we must give up everything else for Him.  He told of parable about somebody finding a pearl in a field.  Upon finding it, He sold all he had to obtain it.  We must give up everything to follow Him.  Not only is that hard to do, it is hard to write.  I know I have not given up everything for Him.  There are certain things I hold on to.  I need to let go of those things to fully follow Him.  We must count up the cost of following Him.  His disciples did, when they left everything to follow Him.  Does that mean we need to sell everything and leave home?  Of course it does not.  Jesus does not care about our possessions that we own, but what possess our hearts.  That is what He is calling us to give up.  Anything in our hearts that we hold back from Him.  He wants our hearts fully.  We must lay down those things at the cross and trust Jesus to take care of them.

I am really feeling convicted right now, for I know I have things in my life that need to be let go of.  I am sure if you are honest, you would admit the same.  Jesus calls us to live radical lives, lives that will offend this world.  This world is opposed to Him and when we live fully for Him, it will be opposed to us as well.  They do not like Jesus, so we must be aware, for Jesus forewarned us,  they will not like us either.  They do not accept Jesus and they will not accept us fully living for Him.  Discipleship has a steep cost.  I think we all to often miss that.  And by missing that, we fail to grow deep in our walk with Him.  We tend to live right below the surface, instead of digging down deep.  While the cost of discipleship is high, the reward is even greater.  The costs in this life is worth it for eternity.

It is time for us all to start growing deeper.  It is time to lay aside all that possess our hearts and give our hearts to Jesus to fully follow Him.  This movie really inspired me to write this and to think about this.  It is time for us to get serious about following Jesus, the cost is well worth it!


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