Psalm 94:12 Blessed is the man whom You chasten, O LORD, And whom You teach out of Your law

We are blessed when God chastens or reproofs us.  Just like we are, when are earthly fathers did the same.  God is our Heavenly Father.  He loves His children and because God loves us, He wants what is best for us.  When we do wrong, God lovingly reproofs us.  He is like a shepherd, gently guiding His sheep back on the right path.  If God did not love us, He would not correct us.  He does love us, so He lovingly corrects us when we are wrong.

A good parent does not give a child everything the child wants, only what they need.  My kids love candy, like most kids.  My wife and I do not let them eat all of the candy they want.  Instead we limit it, because that is what is best for them.  The same is true with God.  He gives us only what we need, not always what we want.  In the end we are better for doing it God’s way, just like a child is better for doing it a parent’s way.

Dear God, thank you for lovingly chastening me when I wonder away from You.  Thank you for being patient and gentle with me, when I probably deserve harsher treatment.  Help me to accept my reproof and do better.  Thank you for being a good Father.  Help me to be a good Father to my kids.  Lovingly guiding them along there way.  Thank you for being a good example.  Amen.


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