Psalm 89:48 What man can live and not see death? Can he deliver his soul from the power of Sheol?

The old saying from Benjamin Franklin goes, “Two things are certain in life: death and taxes”.  I have some bad news for you…you are going to die one day and so am I.  (The only exception are those who are alive when Jesus comes back for His church.)  From Adam and Eve until current times; people die.  The number one cause of death and ultimately the only cause of death is sin.  We die because of our sin.  Our bodies break down because of it.  People try everything now days to keep themselves fit and to try and “live forever”, but in the end they still die.

Sheol means the grave, so the verse is saying who has the power to deliver himself from the gave?  Only God has the power to deliver souls from the grave.   Jesus went into the grave, but yet came out three days later.  He has the power to deliver Himself and others from the grave.  He broke the power of sin and death.  Paul said it well in 1 Corinthians 15:55:


When we accept Jesus as our savior, we need not fear the power of death.  Jesus will rescue our soul from Sheol and take us to Heaven to be with Him.  To the Christian death has no power nor sting, all because of Jesus.

To the nonbeliever, those who have not accepted the free gift of salvation, death is mighty enemy waiting for them.  Jesus will not rescue your soul and you will remain in the grave and until judgement time.  At that time you will be condemned to Hell.  You might ask, “How can a loving God, punish someone for eternity”?  First we all deserve it.  Our sin, even one sin is a offense to God and earns us a place in Hell.  Second, God sent His one and only Son, to make a way to defeat sin.  Jesus came, lived a perfect life, and a died a sacrificial death, taking our punishment; dying for our death, for our sins.  Then He defeated the power of death, by walking out of the grave on Easter morning.  Now He offers us forgiveness and salvation as a gift.  It is this gift we must accept, by asking Him to save us from our sins and believing in Him.  The choice is yours.  Believe in Jesus as your only hope for Salvation and forgiveness; you go to Heaven.  Reject it and you go to Hell.  Sadly, most people reject the best gift ever and choose eternal punishment.  Do not be a fool!  Cry out to Him today!

Dear Jesus, I thank you that You have defeated the power of the grave.  The grave could not hold You and if we believe in You, it can not hold us either.  You are Lord of All, including death itself.  Lord, I pray that someone would read this and accept Your free gift.  It is Your calling that leads them.  Work in peoples hearts this Easter and I pray souls will be saved and Your amazing gift accepted by a lot of people.  Thank you for all You did on the cross and in the grave.  Thank you for saving me and forgiving me of all my sin.  You are so amazing!  Amen


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