Least of these

Psalm 82:3 Vindicate the weak and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and destitute.

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells about the separating of the sheep and goats.  One goes to His right and the other to His left.  The difference between these two groups is what they did for the least among us.  Those on His right, took care of the poor and imprisoned.  They had compassion on those who could not repay it.  They served the least of the people as though they were serving Jesus Himself.  Those on the left did not.  They did not tend to the least of the people.

This part of Matthew fits in so well with today’s verse.  We are supposed to seek justice for those cannot on their own.  We are supposed to take care of people as if there were Jesus Himself sitting there.  We as individuals are to show compassion to people.  I need to show compassion and love to people and serve them in the name of Jesus.  I need to speak up for those who have no voice and to seek justice for them.

Included in this group of people, the least are children.  Children are being exploited all over the world, for someone else’s gain.  They are being sold as sex slaves.  They are being beaten and abused.  When is the last time you or I sought to do something for them?  Innocent babies are being slaughtered in their mother’s womb, they have no voice.  We need to be a voice for them.  When is the last time you or I were that voice?  I only speak for myself, but way to often I am on the wrong side of Jesus.  God gave us a voice, speak up for and serve the least of these.  Be humble and serve others in the name of Jesus.

Lord, help me to be a voice for the voiceless.  Help me to speak up for those who have no voice.  Help me to help the widows and orphans.  Help me to be humble and serve others.  Help me to show the same compassion you have shown me.  Thank you for being faithful and being patient with me.  Amen.




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