False gods

Psalm 81:9 “Let there be no strange god among you; Nor shall you worship any foreign god.

We are to have no other god but the One True God.  In the 10 Commandments it says we are not to worship an idol, a false god.  Most people think of an idol as an object.  A lot of times in the Bible when it talked about an idol, it meant some type of statue or object people worshiped.  But a false god goes beyond that.  In truth a false god is anything we worship other than God.  It can be money, a person, a job, sex, fame, power, or anything else.  These things are not necessarily evil in their own right, many are a gift from God when put in the right perspective.  The problem is when we allow them to come between God and us.

God needs to have first place in our lives.  We must prioritize Him over all others.  He does not want to share that place with anything or anyone else.  God loves you and has initiated a loving relationship with you.  He pursues us.  He went to the cross, when we were still sinners.  He died for us while we were in that condition.  We do not have chase after God, He chases after us.  He wants you to love Him.  And for all of this, we wants to have first place in your heart.

A good book to read on this is “Gods at war” by Kyle Idleman.  My Bible study group went through this study last year and I highly recommend it.

Dear Lord, sadly I do not always give you first place in my heart.  Forgive me for that.  Help me to make You the most important in my life.  Help me to put away the false gods in my life and only worship You, my King.  Amen.

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