Restore Us

Psalm 80:3 O God, restore us And cause Your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved.

Israel and Judah had forgotten their God and now their once mighty land was laid in shambles.  Judgement had come, God had had enough of their rebellion.  Now the Psalmist, is crying out to God to restore them and once again shine His face upon the nation.  This verse is repeated three times in this chapter.  In fact each time, the Psalmist adds to his description of God.  In verse 3 it is only ‘O God’.  In verse 7, he adds to it so it reads, ‘O God of hosts’.  Verse 19 makes it ‘O Lord God of hosts’.  The more the Psalmist writes, the more he gives God a greater description and gives him more praise.

We have no hope without God.  If God does not restore us we have no chance.  But our God is a God of restoration.  The greater restore job he does, means that He gets more of the glory and it removes doubt about it was He who did it.  God specializes in this.  He likes to make the impossible possible.  Our God is of God of great works and miracles.  We have true hope in Him and no matter where we find ourselves, we know God can restore us and save us.

God did restore Israel after 70 years of judgement.  One day God will fully restore Israel, as Jesus takes His seat on throne of it.  There He will reign for 1,000 glorious years.  Oh, come soon Lord Jesus!  I cannot wait to live in this millennial kingdom and eternal kingdom which comes after that!

Dear God, I thank you that You are a God of restoration.  No matter where we find ourselves, You can save us and restore us.  There is nothing too hard for you.  I so look forward to do the day when You take Your rightful spot on the throne.  Come soon Lord Jesus!  Amen.

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