We are His sheep

Psalm 79:13 So we Your people and the sheep of Your pasture Will give thanks to You forever; To all generations we will tell of Your praise.

We are God’s sheep and Jesus is our shepherd.  He watches over us and takes care of us.  He protects us from the enemies looking to get us.  Great is our Shepherd!  A shepherd risks his life for his sheep, even if means laying down his life for the sheep.  Jesus laid down His life for us.

God used shepherds as leaders all through out the Bible..  Moses was a shepherd in the wilderness, before God called him to free His people.  David was a shepherd.  Jesus is called the Son of David, the promised heir, who will reign forever and ever.  God spoke through the prophets, referring to Himself as our Shepherd.  Jesus called himself the Great Shepherd and that we His sheep both know Him and His voice.

A sheep always follows another sheep.  It is kind of like they are playing follow the leader.  We as His sheep, must lead the other sheep around us to be closer to the Shepherd.  We must tell others about how great God is and why we choose to follow Him.  We must pass on the stories of His goodness and faithfulness.  It is our job as sheep to follow the Shepherd and lead other sheep with us.

Thank You God for being my Shepherd.  Thank you for pursuing me and loving me.  I would lost and endangered without You.  You laid down Your life for me and my sins.  How great You are!  Help me to follow You and help me to lead others to You.  May my life be as a simple as a sheep following his Shepherd.  Amen.


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