Psalm 78:35 And they remembered that God was their rock, And the Most High God their Redeemer.

When things are not going the way you imagined and everything seems to be spinning out of control, then take time to stop and think about who God is.  As Christians, God is our rock.  He is the foundation on which we build our lives.  Jesus said that the foolish man builds his life on sand, but the wise man builds his life on the rock.  God is a sure foundation, that when the hard times comes you will not be shaken.  You will not be moved.  Being a rock is also a place that you can go to for protection and to hide.  We find refuge in God, protection from the storm.

God is also our redeemer.  He us bought us with a price.  Jesus paid that price on the cross by shedding His blood.  We have been redeemed, purchased by God.  We deserve to go to eternal punishment in hell for our sins, but because of the blood of Jesus shed on the cross we have been saved.  The debt we owed, that we could never pay has paid by God.  We are His people.

Take time to remember that God is our rock, our foundation and our refuge.  Take time to remember that God has redeemed you, He has paid our sin debt.

Thank you God, for being my rock and my redeemer.  Help me to remember who You are and what You have done for me.  I love You, Oh Lord.  You are the foundation I need to build on.  You are my refuge in the storms of life.  You are my redeemer, my savior.  It is all about You and not me.  Help me to remember.  Amen.


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