Being a blockhead

Psalm 78:32 In spite of all this they still sinned And did not believe in His wonderful works.

God had displayed His wonderful power to the Israelites.  They had seen all that He did to the Egyptians.  He had turned water into blood, flooded the land with frogs, gnats, and flies, killed the livestock, gave boils to the Egyptians, sent in locusts to eat the crops, turned the land of Egypt dark, and killed the first born.  Each plague targeted the false gods of Egypt.  The last few plagues he brought only against the people of Egypt, separating out the Israelites.  Then during their escape, the remaining army of Egypt pursued them.  God parted the Red Sea, that the people of Israel might walk across dry land.  When the Egyptian army followed the Sea came back to life and the army was drowned. After this, God daily provided manna for them every morning and water for them out of rocks.  The people of Israel saw the works of God and yet they still sinned.  They really were a block headed.

It easy to look at them and shake our heads, but what about us.  They did not know the whole story, but we do.  We see all that God did for them and eventually for us in His Word, yet we still sin and rebel against Him.  A lot of us Christians in America, are saved but do not live by faith in God.  I am in that group.  We all need to wake up and start living our faith out.  Start living like we know our victorious God is on His throne.  He can do anything, so we do not need to live our lives in fear but in bold faith.  Learn the lesson from Israel and do not live in constant fear.

I titled this post “Being a blockhead”.  This phrase is used by Lucy in the comic strip Peanuts.  She is always calling Charlie Brown a blockhead.  Poor Charlie is always waiting for the other foot to drop.  Nothing good seems to ever come to him.  He lives his life in fear of failure.  Do not be like him.  Live your life in bold faith in God, that He will see you through.  Trust Him that momentary failure, will propel you to do better things for Him.  Know that He has your best interest in mind.

Thank you God, that You are an all powerful, mighty God.  Thank you that You have shown what You can do.  Thank you that Your victory is assured.  Help me not to be a blockhead.  Help me to live my life in bold faith in You.  Help me to have a bold trust in You.  Amen.




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