Psalm 74:12 Yet God is my king from of old, Who works deeds of deliverance in the midst of the earth.

Yesterday we left the Psalmist asking ‘How Long’?  He was in despair and feeling hopeless.  Then we get to today’s verse, verse 12.  It starts with small word, but it is a key word.  The word is ‘Yet’.  He remembered who God is and is hope tank was refilled.  He spends the rest of this Psalm recounting how great his God was and who God is.  When we do that, our hope will be refilled as well.

God is the creator of all.  He is the Lord of all creation.  He commanded the waters to split and allowed people to walk on the dry land, multiple times.  He tells the biggest, meanest creature what to do.  He causes both the day and night to happen.  He is Lord and King over all of His creation.  We can trust Him to take care of us!

Dear God, thank you that You are in control over all things.  You are faithful and we can trust in You.  Help our hope tanks always be filled with hope in You.  Amen.


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