How Long

Psalm 74:9-10
9 We do not see our signs; There is no longer any prophet, Nor is there any among us who knows how long. 10 How long, O God, will the adversary revile, And the enemy spurn Your name forever?

The mighty city of Jerusalem has fallen.  The Babylonian people have conquered this mighty city.  Everything is ruin.  The wall has been torn down and temple has been burned to ashes.  Through all of this, God is silent.  Where is He?  How long will the enemies of God triumph in their evil?

Our capital city might now be ruins, but we all have time where God seems to be silent.  We pray to Him and cry out to Him, but it does not seem like He is answering.  We have all had that moment when we ask ‘How Long’?  How long must I see evil triumph and the good punished?  How long must I suffer?  How long before bad people get what is coming to them?  How long, before You answer me?  The silence can lead to hopelessness.  Where is God?

He is right where He always has been, on His throne.  He is answering our prayers, just not in the way we want.  His answer is repent, from the sin in your life.  See, Judah had continually sinned before God.  They had rejected Him, so He was allowing the enemy to triumph for  a while as punishment.  God had a plan and the timing of His plan was perfect.  Jerusalem would be rebuilt and God’s plan of redemption would take place there; Jesus died for our sins there.  Jesus will return there.  God was not done with Jerusalem, He still has lots of plans for it.  When God punishes us, He is not done with us.  He still has plans for us.

However, sometimes the silence of God is not due to our sin.  God also answers us in those times with both be patient and endure.  God had good in mind for us.  He has something we need to learn, both for our benefit and somebody else’s.  During these times we need to trust in Him and allow Him to shape us.

If you are going through one of these quiet periods right now, let me encourage you.  God is not through with you yet.  He is working for your best.  Take some time to see if you have any sin that needs to be take care of.  Keep trusting in Him.  Keep seeking Him.  God is there for you now, do not lose hope.  You are still in the mighty hands of God, He will take care of you!

Dear Jesus, I thank you for promise to never leave nor forsake us.  I thank you that even in those silent times, that You are near.  Help me to repent of my sin and turn to You.  Help me to keep trusting in You, when is seems hopeless.  Help me to have patient and endure those times.  Fill me with Your ever enduring hope and love.  Help me to be an encouragement to those who are going through this right now.  Help me to have the right words to say, to help.  Thank You for dying for my sins and saving me.


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