God Satisfies

Psalm 73:25 Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth.

Nothing compares to God, not in heaven nor on earth.  He stands well above all others.  Compared to Him nothing is worth desiring.  Nothing satisfies us, not a job, not winning a game, not a family, not a house, not money, not sex, not a… fill in the blank.  Absolutely nothing.

Only God can satisfy a God shaped hole in our souls.  We all have that hole.  People try everything.  Deion Sanders was a two sport pro athlete.  He achieved the highest success in both sports.  He figured winning a Super Bowl would fill that void, but after winning one, the only thought he had was ‘that’s it?’  His void was not filled by winning a championship, it only seemed bigger.  He had thoughts of ending it all and claimed he tried.  After all of this he realized that only God could satisfy that hole.  Nothing we desire on earth can fill it, only God.

Remember this the next time, the grass looks a little greener away from God.  It will not satisfy you, only make you feel worse.  Run to God and seek Him.  If you are child a God, He is your Father and He is waiting for you!  If you do not know God as your Father, then call out to Him right now and ask Him to save you.  He is willing and waiting for you to come to Him.

Oh Jesus, only You satisfy, nothing on earth can satisfy us but You.  Thank you for loving me enough to die for my sins.  Thank you providing for me.  How great You are Oh Jesus!  Help me not to stray, but to stay on the straight and narrow path.  Amen.


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