Our Teacher

Psalm 71:17 O God, You have taught me from my youth, And I still declare Your wondrous deeds.

God is our teacher, from birth to death.  He gives wisdom to us and enables us to learn.  You can read His Word, from the time you are a child to the time you are old and you will not have gleaned all of the wisdom out of it.  God’s Word is full of much insight and wisdom.  He helps us to see His truths in it, when we need it.

This world does not want to give God the credit He deserves.  They say His beautiful creation came about by accident, by chance.  Creation screams that it had a creator and yet the “wise” people of this world choose to miss it.  God wants to teach them and us about His wonderful creation.  There is so much we can learn by observing it and studying it.  God could have made everything really simple, but He did not.  All of creation is complex and made with a purpose.  There is so much God can teach us and that we can pass on to others.  Take time to seek God and ask Him to be your teacher and guide.  Let Him lead you on this exciting journey.

Dear God, Creator of all things.  I thank you for Your wisdom and Your beautiful creation.  I thank you that You want to teach us and help us be wise.  Thank you for Your Word, which is full of wisdom.  Thank you that we can always learn from it.  Amen.



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