An Example

Psalm 64:9 Then all men will fear, And they will declare the work of God, And will consider what He has done

When you think of somebody being an example, you usually think of somebody being a good example.  For instance Jesus is our example on how we are to live.  We are supposed to study His life and copy what we see into our own.  However, a lot of times we see a bad example, something we should avoid in our lives.  That is what this verse is talking about.

In the first six verses of this Psalm, David is asking God to protect him for those who devise evil plans and speak bad thing about him.  In verses seven through nine God responds and makes an example of the evil person.  David says that people will see how God punishes the wicked and because of that they will obey God.  In Number 32:23, it says to know that your sin will find you out.  It means that if you do not deal with your sin, God will.  And He will do it in a way that others can see and know that they need to deal with their sin so that God does not punish them.  We need to deal with our sin.  Confess and repent of it.  Beg God to help you overcome it.  He is faithful and will help you and me.

Our lives, no matter what, will be example for others.  You and I have choices to make, will we be a good example or a bad example.  Are we going to live a life that others see and want to emulate?  Or a we going to live a life that God uses to show others how not to live?  Take time to pray and consider where you have sin in your life and the areas where you are not living right.  Clean them up, before God does and makes an example out of you.

Thank You God, for giving us a Godly example, in Your Son Jesus.  I need all the help You can give, to follow His example.  Help me to deal with my sin; to confess it You and to repent of it.  Help me live my life where I am good example to those around me, especially my kids.  Help me to be a leader in my family to point them to You.  Thank you for Your forgiveness and patience and Your love.  Amen.


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