Waiting Silently

Psalm 62:1 My soul waits in silence for God only; From Him is my salvation.

Let’s face it, waiting patiently is not something that comes naturally for a lot of us.  I know that is true for me.  Especially waiting silently.  It seems the longer I wait, the more I get frustrated, which usually leads to foolish talk.  God wants us to learn to wait quietly.  In another Psalm, it says to be still and know that He is God.  Being able to wait silently is a sign of your trust in God.

David repeats verse 1, in verse 5.  The only difference is what God is giving him.  In verse 1, David is looking at God to give him salvation.  In verse 5, he is looking to God for hope.  I think the hardest part at times of waiting patiently is the feeling of despair.  The feeling of losing hope.  Hope is so vital to who we are.  God made us to need hope.  When our hope is in God and we are saved by that hope, God helps us to wait patiently.  The ability to wait patient and silent is God’s peace.  It is a peace that the world does not understand.  We as Christians cannot always understand it either.  It is just something that washes over us and takes all the despair away and replaces it with hope and trust in God.

Thank you Jesus for Your peace.  It is a peace that passes all understanding, as Your Word says.  It enables us to wait both patiently and silently upon You, because we know we can trust in You.  Thank you for Your salvation, without it I would have no hope.  You are an amazing God! Amen

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