Praise in the Middle of a Storm

Psalm 57:5 Be exalted above the heavens, O God; Let Your glory be above all the earth.

This verse kind of seems out of place when you are reading verses 4-6.  David writes in verse 4 that “His soul is among lions”.  He is saying that he must live his life on guard because some of those around him, would love to pounce on him.  Then in verse 6, David says that there are snares and traps in his midst.  Both verse 4 and 6 seem to fit together perfectly.  If verse 5 was never there, we would not know the difference.  Nothing would seem to be missing.

However, verse 5 is there and in it David pauses to praise God.  Right in the middle of the difficult time, he gets his perspective right.  He takes time in the storm to stop looking around him and he looks up.  He sees God highly exalted and His glory over all of the earth. As we saw yesterday, he says God you are so great, what can mere man do to me?  By praising God, He is trusting in God.

What about you?  No matter how bad some things seem to you, LOOK UP!  God is on His throne and will never, ever be overthrown. He will always reign.  Take time to pause and praise Him.  Take time to pause and worship Him.  Take time to pause and trust Him.  Take time to remember that He is God and that He watches over you.  Take time to know that He loves you.  When the world is raging, be at peace, by knowing your God is greater than this world.  What this world can do to you is temporal, but what God can do to you is eternal.  Focus on the everlasting God!

Oh great God, be highly exalted and may Your glory be over all of the earth.  You are the great and mighty King.  You are ruler of the universe.  You are the eternal One.  Oh God I worship You.  No matter who lies ready to pounce or trap me, may my life be filled with praise and worship of You.  Great are You Oh God!  Amen.


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