Being a blockhead

Psalm 78:32 In spite of all this they still sinned And did not believe in His wonderful works.

God had displayed His wonderful power to the Israelites.  They had seen all that He did to the Egyptians.  He had turned water into blood, flooded the land with frogs, gnats, and flies, killed the livestock, gave boils to the Egyptians, sent in locusts to eat the crops, turned the land of Egypt dark, and killed the first born.  Each plague targeted the false gods of Egypt.  The last few plagues he brought only against the people of Egypt, separating out the Israelites.  Then during their escape, the remaining army of Egypt pursued them.  God parted the Red Sea, that the people of Israel might walk across dry land.  When the Egyptian army followed the Sea came back to life and the army was drowned. After this, God daily provided manna for them every morning and water for them out of rocks.  The people of Israel saw the works of God and yet they still sinned.  They really were a block headed.

It easy to look at them and shake our heads, but what about us.  They did not know the whole story, but we do.  We see all that God did for them and eventually for us in His Word, yet we still sin and rebel against Him.  A lot of us Christians in America, are saved but do not live by faith in God.  I am in that group.  We all need to wake up and start living our faith out.  Start living like we know our victorious God is on His throne.  He can do anything, so we do not need to live our lives in fear but in bold faith.  Learn the lesson from Israel and do not live in constant fear.

I titled this post “Being a blockhead”.  This phrase is used by Lucy in the comic strip Peanuts.  She is always calling Charlie Brown a blockhead.  Poor Charlie is always waiting for the other foot to drop.  Nothing good seems to ever come to him.  He lives his life in fear of failure.  Do not be like him.  Live your life in bold faith in God, that He will see you through.  Trust Him that momentary failure, will propel you to do better things for Him.  Know that He has your best interest in mind.

Thank you God, that You are an all powerful, mighty God.  Thank you that You have shown what You can do.  Thank you that Your victory is assured.  Help me not to be a blockhead.  Help me to live my life in bold faith in You.  Help me to have a bold trust in You.  Amen.




Pass it on

Psalm 78:3-4
3 Which we have heard and known, And our fathers have told us. 4 We will not conceal them from their children, But tell to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, And His strength and His wondrous works that He has done.

We as parents, especially fathers, have a responsibility to pass the true His story to our children.  They need to hear from us the truths of God.  Every child is born with a knowledge that about God, for deep down we all know that.  We might fight against it later in life, but it is there.  That is why when desperate times come, we call out to Him and try make a deal with Him.  We as parents need to re-enforce this into our kids.  They need to know the truth, because this world does everything it can to hide it, manipulate it, or distort it.

Some people might call telling our kids the truth “brain washing”.  Well it is, but the world does it as well.  Schools are filled with the brain washing of secularism.  TV show and movies are filled with it as well.  False doctrine is some churches is as well.  They want to pry kids away from God, especially those who grow up going to church.  Sadly, they are more effective than we are.  We need to treat telling our kids the truth as spiritual warfare, for that is what it is.  The “they” ultimately is Satan and he works through whatever he can to draw people away from God.  We need to fight for our kids by teaching the stories of God, by praying for them, bringing them to church, and be authentic for them to see we are not perfect.  Fight for your kids, they are worth it.

Dear God, help me to better at sharing You with my kids.  Help me to tell them stories of Your greatness.  Help me to better at praying from them and with them.  Help me to teach them better how to pray.  Help me to be authentic around them and not to pretend to be perfect, but a sinner in need of Your grace.  Keep the evil away from our kids and shine Your light of Truth on them, that they may know You.  Thank you for Your Word.  It is a treasure, which we all need to explore and benefit from.  Amen.

The Deeds of God

Psalm 77:11-12
11 I shall remember the deeds of the LORD; Surely I will remember Your wonders of old. 12 I will meditate on all Your work And muse on Your deeds.

It is good to take time and think back about what God has done.  To read the stories in the Bible of the miracles He did, so that we might know our God is all powerful.  There is nothing to hard for the Lord!  When times are tough, God can help.  There is nothing that He cannot do.

God’s Word is full of God’s deeds.  What God has done in the Bible, gives us hope for the future.  We also get hope in God’s promises.  God promised many things in the Bible and God has fulfilled those promises.  He promised Noah that a flood would come and it did.  God promised Elijah that it would not rain until Elijah said so and it happened.  God promised through Jeremiah that judgement was coming to Judah and it did.  God promised a savior would be born and He was.  God promised that the Savior would die as a sacrifice for ours sins and He did.  God promises to come back one day and He will.  Keep trusting in God and His deeds.

Oh Lord, I thank you for Your deeds.  They are all powerful and mighty.  They show how great You are..  There is no one who compares to You, Oh mighty God.  I thank you for the hope we get we think about Your deeds and what You can do and what You will do.  Father, this is a hopeless world without You.  Help us to share Your hope with others, that they might truly know You.  Amen.


Psalm 76:4 You are resplendent, More majestic than the mountains of prey.

I know what a lot of you are thinking, because I was thinking the same thing, what does resplendent mean.  According to, it means “shining brilliantly; gleaming; splendid”.  I imagine the Psalmist saying this, at a time of celebrating a day of God’s victory and looking over the mountains at the sun setting or maybe it was the day after and the sun rising over the mountains.  The sun was shining brilliantly, so splendid and so is God.  He is gleaming and majestic.

When both Isaiah and John provide glimpses into the Heavenly throne room, this word (resplendent) applies as well.  God is sitting on His throne and all of the gorgeous jewels are surrounding Him.  Light from God Himself, is hitting the jewels and causing them to shine.  How amazing!!  How beautiful!!  How splendid this scene is.  Except the jewels are not the main thing making it so great.  The One who sits on the throne is!  His beauty is indescribable!  He is the One who causes everything else to look so majestic.  God is resplendent, shining brilliantly from His throne!  I do not about you, but I cannot wait to see it with my own eyes one day.  What a glorious day that will be!  Come soon Lord Jesus!

That day will not be glorious for everybody.  Some will never see it, because they reject the gift that this amazing God is trying to give them.  Jesus was born to die.  He lived the sinless life, which we cannot.  Our sins disqualify us from heaven.  We deserve eternal punishment in hell, but Jesus’ death paid that penalty.  We can be forgiven by God, because of what Jesus did on the cross.  God offers us this forgiveness as a gift, all we need to do is accept Jesus as our savior and ask Him to save us.  No amount of good deeds, nor money, nor anything can buy it.  It is free.  Call out to Jesus and tell Him that you are a sinner and you want His forgiveness.  Ask Him to be Your savior and He will!  Do it today, we are not promised tomorrow.

Dear Jesus, thank you for being so splendid and gleaming and beautiful.  How amazing is Your throne room, because You are there Oh Lord.  You are resplendent.  You are majestic.  You are indescribable.  Thank you for loving sinners enough to die for our sins.  Thank you for saving me and rescuing me from the pit of hell.  I pray that someone who reads this will make a decision for You after reading this.  My words cannot save them, only You can Lord.  Please be working in the lives of those who are not yet saved and prepare their hearts to hear Your Gospel, the good news of Your salvation.  Amen.





Psalm 75:4-5
4 “I said to the boastful, ‘Do not boast,’ And to the wicked, ‘Do not lift up the horn; 5 Do not lift up your horn on high, Do not speak with insolent pride.’ “

For most people, tooting your own horn comes so easy.  I do not think this is because we just love ourselves and think we are the most perfect person ever.  I think it is because we know ourselves.  We know how we fail.  We know our insecurities.  We see others and they come off as better than us.  They are more “together” than we are.  I believe this leads us to boasting in ourselves, so that we can come off better and it also seems to buffer what we want to hide.  That might work with people, but God knows better.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.

The Bible says if we are to boast, we need to do it only about God.  He alone deserves to be boasted about.  For He is the Creator of all.  He is the Lord of all.  He is the Savior of all who call out to Him.  We need to exalt God more and talk less about ourselves.  Have you seen a chart, where one thing is so high on it, it causes the the other items to barely show up on the chart at all?  That is how it is with us and God.  He is so high, we fail to show up.  How can you boast about yourself under those circumstances?  Boast in God!

Dear God, help my boasting be in You and You alone.  For You alone are only worthy of it.  Compared to You, I have nothing to boast about.  Help me to not compare myself to others, for it does neither me nor them any good.  Thank you for how truly great You are!  Nobody compares to You, Oh God!  May Your name be high and lifted up this day and forever.  Amen.


Psalm 74:12 Yet God is my king from of old, Who works deeds of deliverance in the midst of the earth.

Yesterday we left the Psalmist asking ‘How Long’?  He was in despair and feeling hopeless.  Then we get to today’s verse, verse 12.  It starts with small word, but it is a key word.  The word is ‘Yet’.  He remembered who God is and is hope tank was refilled.  He spends the rest of this Psalm recounting how great his God was and who God is.  When we do that, our hope will be refilled as well.

God is the creator of all.  He is the Lord of all creation.  He commanded the waters to split and allowed people to walk on the dry land, multiple times.  He tells the biggest, meanest creature what to do.  He causes both the day and night to happen.  He is Lord and King over all of His creation.  We can trust Him to take care of us!

Dear God, thank you that You are in control over all things.  You are faithful and we can trust in You.  Help our hope tanks always be filled with hope in You.  Amen.

How Long

Psalm 74:9-10
9 We do not see our signs; There is no longer any prophet, Nor is there any among us who knows how long. 10 How long, O God, will the adversary revile, And the enemy spurn Your name forever?

The mighty city of Jerusalem has fallen.  The Babylonian people have conquered this mighty city.  Everything is ruin.  The wall has been torn down and temple has been burned to ashes.  Through all of this, God is silent.  Where is He?  How long will the enemies of God triumph in their evil?

Our capital city might now be ruins, but we all have time where God seems to be silent.  We pray to Him and cry out to Him, but it does not seem like He is answering.  We have all had that moment when we ask ‘How Long’?  How long must I see evil triumph and the good punished?  How long must I suffer?  How long before bad people get what is coming to them?  How long, before You answer me?  The silence can lead to hopelessness.  Where is God?

He is right where He always has been, on His throne.  He is answering our prayers, just not in the way we want.  His answer is repent, from the sin in your life.  See, Judah had continually sinned before God.  They had rejected Him, so He was allowing the enemy to triumph for  a while as punishment.  God had a plan and the timing of His plan was perfect.  Jerusalem would be rebuilt and God’s plan of redemption would take place there; Jesus died for our sins there.  Jesus will return there.  God was not done with Jerusalem, He still has lots of plans for it.  When God punishes us, He is not done with us.  He still has plans for us.

However, sometimes the silence of God is not due to our sin.  God also answers us in those times with both be patient and endure.  God had good in mind for us.  He has something we need to learn, both for our benefit and somebody else’s.  During these times we need to trust in Him and allow Him to shape us.

If you are going through one of these quiet periods right now, let me encourage you.  God is not through with you yet.  He is working for your best.  Take some time to see if you have any sin that needs to be take care of.  Keep trusting in Him.  Keep seeking Him.  God is there for you now, do not lose hope.  You are still in the mighty hands of God, He will take care of you!

Dear Jesus, I thank you for promise to never leave nor forsake us.  I thank you that even in those silent times, that You are near.  Help me to repent of my sin and turn to You.  Help me to keep trusting in You, when is seems hopeless.  Help me to have patient and endure those times.  Fill me with Your ever enduring hope and love.  Help me to be an encouragement to those who are going through this right now.  Help me to have the right words to say, to help.  Thank You for dying for my sins and saving me.

God Satisfies

Psalm 73:25 Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth.

Nothing compares to God, not in heaven nor on earth.  He stands well above all others.  Compared to Him nothing is worth desiring.  Nothing satisfies us, not a job, not winning a game, not a family, not a house, not money, not sex, not a… fill in the blank.  Absolutely nothing.

Only God can satisfy a God shaped hole in our souls.  We all have that hole.  People try everything.  Deion Sanders was a two sport pro athlete.  He achieved the highest success in both sports.  He figured winning a Super Bowl would fill that void, but after winning one, the only thought he had was ‘that’s it?’  His void was not filled by winning a championship, it only seemed bigger.  He had thoughts of ending it all and claimed he tried.  After all of this he realized that only God could satisfy that hole.  Nothing we desire on earth can fill it, only God.

Remember this the next time, the grass looks a little greener away from God.  It will not satisfy you, only make you feel worse.  Run to God and seek Him.  If you are child a God, He is your Father and He is waiting for you!  If you do not know God as your Father, then call out to Him right now and ask Him to save you.  He is willing and waiting for you to come to Him.

Oh Jesus, only You satisfy, nothing on earth can satisfy us but You.  Thank you for loving me enough to die for my sins.  Thank you providing for me.  How great You are Oh Jesus!  Help me not to stray, but to stay on the straight and narrow path.  Amen.

Envious of the Wicked

Psalm 73:2-3
2 But as for me, my feet came close to stumbling, My steps had almost slipped. 3 For I was envious of the arrogant As I saw the prosperity of the wicked.

The Psalmist looked at the wicked, at those who do not follow God and became envious of them.  Sometimes we seem to think that the wicked prosper, that they are not chastened for their sins.  While we face punishment for our wrong doings, the wicked seem to get away from it.  How can that be?

It is really not the case.  God will punish the wicked for their deeds.  He will eventually bring them to justice.  They will be punished in this life and eternity.  They will not get away with their sins.

God does punishes His children as a Father.  He corrects us, that we might walk in the way that is right.  He corrects us, which is good thing.  A loving Father teaches his children how to do things the right way.  God is no different.

Thank you God, that wicked really do not prosper.  They will face the judge and justice will be served.  Thank you for the work of Christ and Your grace which allows me to be saved from the justice, which I deserve.  Help those who are reading this, who do not know you, come to know you.  I thank you that You love them and call them to Yourself.  Lead them to You, Oh God.  Amen.


Psalm 72:1 Give the king Your judgments, O God, And Your righteousness to the king’s son.

Solomon was one of the wisest people to have ever lived.  He knew what he did not know.  Truly wise leaders know this.  They know that they do not know everything.  They know that they need help.  When Solomon first became king, God told him that he could have one thing he wanted.  Solomon knew he needed discernment, to judge the people rightly.  He knew that he needed that help.  God granted that wish and also gave him riches and power to go along with it.

Truly great leaders know they need the help of others.  Moses struggled with this.  He tried to do everything for the people himself.  His father-in-law, correctly pointed out that he needed others to help him.  After listening to this wise advice, Moses was a better leader for the people.

Great leaders need our prayers.  They need us praying for them.  The leaders of our country need our prayers, whether you agree with them or not.  Ask God to help them lead in His ways.  Ask God to give them wisdom and discernment.  The Bible says that God directs the hearts of leaders.  Pray for your leaders and leave them in God’s hands.

Dear God, be with the men and women who lead this nation.  Give them the wisdom that they need.  Help them to humble before you, willing to bend to Your will.  Help them have a soft heart, knowing that they the help of others.  Help them to be loving servants.  Guide them as they make decisions.  I pray that they would come to know You as their savior if they do not.  If they do, please guard their walk and protect them from the evil in this world.  I look forward to the day, when You, Oh Jesus, are crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  No government in this world will be perfect, until Your Holy reign begins.  Come soon Lord Jesus!  Amen.