The Mighty One

Psalm 50:1 The Mighty One, God, the LORD, has spoken, And summoned the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting.

The sun will not rise or set if God does not do it.  The Might One causes the earth to spin.  The Mighty One causes the earth to stay at just the right distance to the sun, so it neither too hot nor too cold.  The Mighty One makes sure that we have air to breath.  The Mighty One takes what we breath out, carbon dioxide, it helps trees to grow so that they can provide the oxygen we need to breath.  The Mighty One, God, does all of this and more.

Yet, somehow we doubt if He can help us in our times of trouble.  We doubt if He knows about us.  Well the Mighty One knows all about you.  He has a special name for you, that only He knows.  He knows your thoughts, your wants and desires.  He knows all of your sins.  He knows when your end will come.  God knows you better than you know yourself.  He is the Mighty One, the sustainer of His creation.  He is also the Might One who loves you.  He is the one that proved His love on the cross.  Worship Him!

Oh Mighty God, how amazing are You.  You are over all of creation, through out the universe.  And yet You still intimately know me.  You know all about me and You still love me.  Thank you Jesus.  Forgive for my sins and I confess what You already know.  Please help me to overcome them.  Thank You Lord Jesus!


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