We have to tell them

Psalm 44:1 O God, we have heard with our ears, Our fathers have told us The work that You did in their days, In the days of old.

The only way somebody can hear with their ears about God, is for another person to speak up and say something.  This is true for all people, of all ages, and of all backgrounds.  We need to tell others about Jesus and His love for them and all that Jesus has done for them.  All people need to hear this.  The prophet Jonah ran from God, because he did want to go to Nineveh, the home of his enemies, to tell the people to repent.  He jumped on a boat and went the other way.  God sent a big storm.  The sailors threw Jonah overboard and a big fish swallowed him up and brought him back.  Jonah went and proclaimed God’s word to them and a revival broke out and many people were saved.  Those people almost died, but God went to extreme measures to save them.  People need to hear stories like this.

Especially children, especially our children and grandchildren need to hear about Jesus.  Moses told the fathers of Israel that is was there job to tell their kids about what God has done.  It is our jobs as parents, especially fathers, to tell our kids about Jesus.  Every day we need to do this.  We need to teach them to be in the word and learning verses.  We need to teach them to pray.  We need to tell them about what God has done in our own lives.  In lives of people around us.  We need to teach them the truth of this verse, by opening our mouths and telling them.   This world does it best to drown out the message.  We need to fight through that noise and tell them.

Oh Lord, help me to open up my mouth and tell my kids and others about You and Your goodness and Your amazing love.  Help me not to have a sour attitude like Jonah.  Help me to do it with love in my heart.  Love for You and them.  Not only do I pray for my mouth to open, but I pray for the ears and hearts of the people who hear to be open.  Work in their hearts Father, to be receptive to your Word.  Lord, I need Your help to this.  Please Oh God, I beg  You for Your help.  They need to know about You.  Thank You for loving me.  Thank You for saving me.  Thank You for my wife and kids.  Amen.

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