Psalm 37:24 When he falls, he will not be hurled headlong, Because the LORD is the One who holds his hand.

Christians will have times of falling.  We will have times where everything seems to fall rights apart.  We will have times of storms in our lives.  The best part of that though, is that those times will not be too long.  The verse says we will not be hurled headlong, at least that is how the New American Standard translation states it.  (I like to see how other translations say verses at times.  I like to use www.Biblestudytools.com to do this.  Right on the page you can choose from many different translations and also look at some commentaries  and it is totally free.   OK, commercial over).  The NIV just uses the term fall.  The Holman Christian uses overwhelmed.  God will not let His children be overwhelmed.

The best part of this verse is the “why” part at the end of the verse.  Our hard times are not too hard, because God is holding our hand.  No matter what hard times you are going through, God is holding your hand.  He is right there beside you.  Never leaving you, never forsaking you.  Just as He promised.  God keeps His promises.  He is faithful to them.  How bad can that time really be, if God is right there with us.  If the flames get too hot, He will pull you out.  He knows exactly what you are going through.  Next time you wonder where God is, when hard times hit, look at your hand.  He is holding it and He will not let go.

Thanks you Lord Jesus, for holding my hand and helping me through.  Thank you for protecting me, even when I do not even realize it.  You are so amazing!  David said that there is no where that he could go where you are not.  You, Oh God, are ever where.  No matter where I am, You are.  Thank you for always being right beside me.  I do not deserve Your goodness, but I gladly accept it.  


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