The Lord laughs #

Psalm 37:12-13
12 The wicked plots against the righteous And gnashes at him with his teeth. 13 The Lord laughs at him, For He sees his day is coming.

This particular Psalm is one God led me to at a difficult point of my life and I found a lot of comfort in it.  The Psalm is about trusting in God and being satisfied with Him and how God knows the ways of the wicked.  He sees what they do and the Psalm promises that the wicked’s day is coming and that the righteous shall get be rewarded.  This is not the health wealth gospel.  It does not say that if you are righteous God will make you rich.  In fact verse 16 says that it is better to trust in God and have a little than to have the abundance of the wicked.  Another warning, not all people who have an abundance are wicked.  Some wicked people are really poor and some rich people are really righteous.

These two verses, 12 and 13, tell us that the wicked people of this world make plots against the righteous.  There is just something about people who do good, that drive the wicked crazy.  I think of Tim Tebow, somebody who lives his life for God openly and publicly.  Yet I have read some of the most vile things said about him.  People want to see him fail and fail in big way.  I heard asked if he worries about messing up, since so many want to see it.  His response was that messes up all of the time.  He said only Jesus was perfect.

I have never drank alcohol.  It is a decision I made for myself at early age.  The best way not to be an alcoholic is to never drink.  Now,I do not go around telling people they should not either.  I think it is up to each person to make that choice.  You would not believe how many people have a desire to see me start drinking.  I have a few make it their mission to bug me to start.

Why?  Why do people want to see the righteous fail?  I believe that is because if the righteous person can live life right, then it is possible for us all to live life right.  Also a lot of people think that our ability to get into heave is graded on the curve and they want to tear down the people ahead of them.  They fail to see that getting into heaven in not because of our righteousness but Christ’s.  His righteousness allowed Him to be a perfect sacrifice for our sin on the cross.  By believing in Him and trusting Him as our savior, is the only way to get into heaven!

The Lord sees all of this and laughs at the wicked.  I do not know about you, but I really do not want God laughing at me.  Something tells me that would not be a good thing!

Now is the time to be righteous.  God is going to judge the wicked, both in this world and at the end.  Keep trusting in Him and delighting yourself in Him.


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