Psalm 29:1-2
1 Ascribe to the LORD, O sons of the mighty, Ascribe to the LORD glory and strength. 2 Ascribe to the LORD the glory due to His name; Worship the LORD in holy array.

To ascribe is to attribute some to.  We need to give God the praise how mighty He is.  We need to give God the glory He deserves for who He is.  We need to glorify Him, because His name worthy of the most glory.  We need to worship Him for who He is.

God created all things.  God sustains all things.  Nothing happens without Him knowing about it.  If a tree falls in a forest does it make a noise?  God knows, because He’s there.  He knows all of the animals and bugs that live on that tree.  He knows us intimately.  He knows the number of hairs on our head.  Every day He calls the sun to rise and paints its beautiful picture in the sky.  How great is our God!  How amazing is He?!

Worship God today and give Him the glory that He deserves!


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