Warning – On using God’s Word for Political Fighting

He was concerned about the security of his country.  He wanted to build a wall for its protection.  He asked a foreign leader to pay for the construction of the wall.  He was made the ruler of his land.  He built the wall and put armed guards around it as they were building, for the protection of the builders.  He was slandered and falsely accused, even by his own people.  They tried to help the enemies tear him down. He finished the wall.  He threw out foreigners who should not be there.  He closed the gates for a period of time to help protect the people.  He asked God continually to remember all he was doing for Him.  And God did.

He is not Donald Trump, but Nehemiah.  The land is not the United States but Jerusalem.  The story of Nehemiah has nothing to do with the debate on refugee restrictions in the United States, but it is meant to show that it is easy to pluck things out of the Bible and use them for your own purposes.  There are supporting verses that can be used and applied to both sides, which none of them line up exactly into this debate.  There is no simple answer.  Yes, we are supposed to love and take care of those in need.  But yes, governments are supposed to protect their own people from enemies bent on destroying them.  Evil is real.  Satan seeks to destroy.  We need to love our neighbors no matter of their race, religion, ethnicity, sexual persuasion, or whatever.  God tells to love one another, but hate the sin.  Sin is the root of all of the problems and we all stink from it.  Only the grace of God can remove the stench.  What the right balance is on this issue, I cannot say for sure.  I have my feelings and I am sure you have your own as well.  When debating this issue do it with grace and love.

Be careful of using God’s Word to justify your political views.  The Bible needs to shape us, we are not to shape the Bible.  It is not a tool for fighting political warfare.  It is a sword, which is living and active that pierces hearts and brings God’s truths into the hearts of mankind (Hebrews 4:12).  It used for bringing the knowledge of salvation and sanctification.

Whatever side you are on, pray for our leaders.  Whatever side you are on pray for Jesus to come back and set up His Kingdom.  For it will be the only perfect government, this world will ever see.  Come Lord Jesus!

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