God is Light

Psalm 18:28 For You light my lamp; The LORD my God illumines my darkness

Our ways as humans are dark.  We are full of sin, but God is pure.  He is our light.  He gives us hope and shows us the way to go.  The closer we grow to God, the more darkness we see in ourselves.  We notice some sins which if we were not close to God, we would have never noticed.  The light of God exposes are sin and leads us to repentance of those sins.

God’s light illumines our way.  It shows us the pitfalls as we walk through life.  If you have ever driven in a dense fog, you know how it is to be confused by it.  Last year I was driving home from my men’s study.  The fog was so thick, you could hardly see 10 feet in front of you.  It was scary.  I was confused to where exactly I was on the road.  If we try to walk through life without God, it is like trying to drive in that fog, we are lost.  However, when we do walk with God, we can see where we are going and we notice our surroundings.  So much easier!

God is Light!


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