Be Good

Psalm 15:3 He does not slander with his tongue, Nor does evil to his neighbor, Nor takes up a reproach against his friend

God is looking for His people to do the right things.  We are not saved or justified by doing these good things.  God does not love us any more by doing them, for He already loves us as much as He possibly can.  We are to do them for our benefit.  It is the fruit that we are walking rightly with God, evidence of our faith in Him.

What David says here is so simple, things we were told to do as children.  Tell the truth and do not lie.  Do not make up malicious things about somebody else and spread them.  Love your neighbor (according to Jesus this is everyone).  Encourage and build up others and do not tear them down.

These should not be hard, complicated things to do.  Yet, we all struggle with them at times.  We justify ourselves by saying that a lie is okay, because it is a
“white lie”.  We gossip about others and slander them behind their backs.  Loving your neighbor at times is an easy thing to say, but not always easy to do.

We cannot do these things on our own.  We need Jesus.  The technical term for this is sanctification.  It means the process of becoming more like Jesus.  God does not save us and leave us on our own.  He works in us to sanctify us.  Sometimes the process of sanctification leads us through some hard times, through various trials.  It is for our good that we endure them.  For God is teaching us and stretching us.  We are the clay, He is the potter.  He is shaping us to be who He wants us to be.  God is in working in us, in order that we might do good things so He gets more praise and glory and we will be better for it.

Spend some time today and ask God to help you grow better fruit in your life.  Praise Him for loving you and working in you.


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