Psalm 9:10 And those who know Your name will put their trust in You, For You, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You.

God is reliable.  His word is true and stands forever.  What God says is as true today as it is tomorrow.  God will not forsake those who trust in Him.  He will be with them and will take care of them.

We have become such a short term people.  Meaning if a problem is not solved within 30 minutes, something is wrong.  We have no patience and we expect immediate results.  God’s timing is not our timing.  When we read the Bible, we tend to gloss over time lapses when they happen in the same chapter.  For instance, after Jesus’ resurrection, He appeared to His disciples without Thomas.  Thomas had to wait a whole week before he got his chance.  That must of have been a long week for him.  I can imagine him wondering why Jesus would be appear to the other 10, but not show Himself to him.  Each day would go by and he still did not see Jesus.  I think his doubt grew each and every day.  Have you took time to think that through or when you are reading that chapter do you only just skim over it.  Paul was in a prison for 2 years before being shipped to Rome.  Two years with no visits to the churches or writing any letters.

God always come through, but sometimes He stretches our faith.  That can take time.  Keep trusting in Him.  Know that He is faithful and reliable.  He is there by your side and will see you through!


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