Psalm 6:9 The LORD has heard my supplication, The LORD receives my prayer

In the beginning of this Psalm, David is begging God to help him.  He is really struggling with something, to the point that he is crying himself to sleep at night.  He tells God that if he dies, he cannot give God the praise that He deserves.  However, by the end he knows God has heard his prayers and he has hope.  He has hope because God has heard and received his prayers.

Knowing that God hears us and answers our prayers gives us hope.  Hope that He will not abandon us.  Hope that God will take care of us.  Hope that we are not alone.  When David realizes that hope, he perks up.  God’s peace has come upon him and a smile comes to face.

Know that God hears your prayers.  Keep calling out to Him.  Keep presenting your requests to Him.  Keep praising Him.  Do not lose the hope that we have in Him!

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