A Gift

After our church’s Awana Christmas program this past Sunday night, they handed out a gift to each kid at the door as we walked out.  My 5 year old daughter got hers and we started for home.  We passed a house with some Christmas lights on and I pointed it out to her.  She asked where the Baby Jesus was and I told her that not everyone has a Nativity scene with their decorations.  She asked me ‘Why not?’.  I told her that not everyone believes in Jesus, which of course brought another ‘Why?’ (Which in the case is a great question by the way).  After a moment of thought, God reminded me of the gift bag in her hand.

I said, accepting Jesus is like you accepting that gift as we were walking out.  You had a choice to make to accept the gift or reject it.  Some people refuse the gift and get nothing.  Others might walk out another door, not realizing that a gift is available to them.  I told her that we need to make sure those people know about the gift or they are going to totally miss out on it.

The gift I am talking about of course is the gift of salvation and forgiveness.  Jesus came to earth as a baby, in order that He might die for ours sins and pay the penalty of ours sins, which is death.  Jesus died, that we might not have to.  That payment is the gift, but we do not get it applied to us, unless we accept it.  It is not something we earn, for it something we cannot earn.  There is no way we will ever be good enough to impress God.  I urge to accept that free gift today and ask Jesus to save you and apply His payment onto the debt of your sins.

Do not let this gift go unclaimed!


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