Advent Calendar Day 1 – God

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Welcome to the month of December.  Our family has a gingerbread Advent Calendar, which counts down the days to Christmas.  Each day the kids are going to be pulling out a name involved in the Christmas story.  My blog entries this month will be what I am sharing with them.  Here we go with Day 1.

Like every story, the Christmas story starts at the beginning.  The very first verse in the Bible starts with “In the beginning God created…”.  There is no story if God did not create us and everything else.  God’s part in the story is more than just the creation.  He has stopped taking care of His creation.  He sustains and us gives us what we need (food, water, air, etc).

From the beginning God knew that there was going to be the Christmas story and He knew how exactly it would play out.  He knew sin would invade His creation.  He knew one day that He would send His one and only Son to be born in a manger in order to fix the problem of sin.  There is nothing God does not know, nor has there ever been any second where He was shocked by something that has happened.

God is involved in the Christmas story throughout.  He orchestrated people to be in the right place and to fulfill His promises about it.  The story of Christmas is about God’s love for us.

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