Day 5 Thanksgiving – Give Thanks For God’s Provision

Acts 27:35 Having said this, he took bread and gave thanks to God in the presence of all, and he broke it and began to eat.

All that we have, God has provided.  All the food that we have, the house that we live in, the clothes that we wear; all belong to Him.  God gives us water to drink and air to breath.  There’s no way we would survive, if God did not provide.  Yet, a lot of the times we do not thank Him for this basic stuff.  We take it for granted.  How ungrateful you and I can be at times.  With every breath, we should praise Him and thank Him for the air that we breath.

Take time today, to thank God for the seemingly “little things” He provides.  The little things that we could not live with out.  God is so good!

#Thankfulness #Thanksgiving #HowGreatGodsProvisionIs

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