Ezekiel 20:17 “Yet My eye spared them rather than destroying them, and I did not cause their annihilation in the wilderness.”

When you read through the Bible, you cannot miss the grace of God throughout.  The first time we see it, is the garden, after the first sin.  Through out the rest of it, His grace is evident.  Even in Revelation, as judgement is falling on the earth, His grace is still calling out to the lost, that they might be found.

This verse is talking about how the children of Israel rebelled against God, as they journeyed from Egypt to Israel.  God had every right to destroy them.  They responded to all that He had done to set them free, from being slaves in Egypt, by murmuring and complaining.  Time after time, they turned from God, yet God chose to spare them.  Why?  For many reasons; promises He had made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the faithfulness of Moses, because God promised a savior from the line of Judah (and God keeps His promises), He loved them and desired them to follow Him, and many more reasons.

The question for us is the same, Why?  Why doesn’t He destroy us?  The reasons are the same really.  As God pleaded with them to follow Him, He pleads with us to follow Him and to obey Him.  We need to make that our goal, to obey God in all that we do.


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